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What a great idea for a community!

Hi, I am Sara and I am obviously new; joined about 2 minutes ago.
I live in Puerto Rico and I am 24.

Well, guess I'll get right into it. My biggest obsession is Bruce Willis, always has been. Some constant obsessions include Donnie Darko, Strangers In Paradise (comic book), Spiderman, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (another comic), Vampires, National Geographic, my car "Q", Waking Life (rent this movie), Angelina Jolie, Nine Inch Nails, chocolate, and Bose (where I work; the speakers).
But I am obsessed with music and movies in general too.

I also have a lot of fleeting obsessions. Heh.
My most recent additions to my obsession bank (which I don't know yet how long they'll last but the seem obsessionable enough to hang on to) have to include Sin City, Star Wars, The Killers, and LiveJournal.
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