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Obsessive enough for ya?

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Well this community is for everyone! Join if ur obsessed with anything at all! And I mean, anything! Post pictures, info, icons, quizzes, fanart, fanfic... ANYTHING!!!!


There's only one rule at the moment...

When you Join Post and tell us about yourself and what you're interests are!!!!

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2dtv, acoustic, aerosmith, alias, angel, anger management, anime, anne rice, anthony kiedis, anything, armageddon, bbc, bbc comedy, bbc three, ben stiller, benny and joon, bfg, big, big fish, billy boyd, bon jovi, bruce willis, buffy, charlie's angels, chewin' the fat, comedy, coupling, csi, danger mouse, david bowie, david wenham, dead ringrs, desperado, deuce bigalow male gigolo, disney, dogma, dominic monaghan, donnie darko, dragons, drawing, edward scissorhands, el mariachi, elf, elijah wood, elves, enterprise, family guy, fanart, fanfiction, father ted, fear and loathing, fifth element, friends, from hell, futurama, ghost, gimme gimme gimme, gladiator, goo goo dolls, graham norton, guitars, guns n' roses, harry potter, hidalgo, hugh jackman, hunter s. thompson, ice age, icons, interview with the vampire, james marsden, james marsters, jeepers creepers, johnny depp, jon bon jovi, kiera knightley, league of extraordinary gentlemen, linkin park, little britain, little nicky, lord of the rings, manga, matchbox 20, men in black, metallica, monty python, my family, my hero, nightmare on elm street, no doubt, only fools and horses, orlando bloom, owen wilson, pancakes, pink, pirates of the caribbean, quantum leap, queen, red hot chili peppers, ring, russel crowe, sarah michelle gellar, scary movie, scary movie 2, scary movie 3, scrubs, secret window, sex and the city, shaft, sleepy hollow, smallville, star trek, star wars, stargate, starsky and hutch, stephen king, steve tyler, still game, tencious d, terminator, texas chainsaw massacre, the darkness, the evil dead, the holy grail, the matrix, the ring, the royal tenanbaums, the simpsons, the whole nine yards, the whole ten yards, there's something about mary, tolkien, tom hanks, tom welling, toy story, vampires, van helsing, velvet goldmine, viggo mortensen, will and grace, writing, wrong turn, x-men, you've got mail, zoolander